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It extensively advertises to attract the customers who watch the fewest movies and hence bring maximum profits to them. Stp of tata nano questionnaire is available in the Appendix section. The component-wise share of production is assessed.

Segmentation Targeting & Positioning-Defining Product Lines

STP has since then become the cornerstone of many companies looking to launch a new product or re-define their product lines. This message will auto close in 5 seconds Review Please Section 2: Even in the occupation category, it is mentioned that right from students to any profession person can use Nano which again puts a lot of people in the category.

The campaign was a blend of emotionality and functionality. Addressing the second major concern, the customers are extremely price sensitive and feel that organized stores charge a premium on products. I personally feel that positioning a product or service would be a strong spin off from consumer behavior and without understanding the hopes and aspirations of the masses a product is bound to not have the stickiness factor.

Industry wise they target the two wheeler industry, three wheeler industry which are more costly than nanopublic transports as well to an extent.

Tata Nano SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

At the end of the day, it is what the car means to you rather than what it is. The other major competitor for Nano is the 2-wheelers.

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In the income categories, the lower income people are targeted by offering them cheap and affordable lifetime validity prepaid cards, that can be used for incoming calls; while the higher income groups are targeted by offering them premium services like VAS value added servicesGPRS plans and 3G technology.

Nano got publicity in the following ways: With the entry of Reliance in retail and the pending legislation on FDI in multi brand retail, it faces tough competition ahead. It also has very good ground clearance and climbs well. It seems the lower income masses of India do not want the stigma of owning the cheapest car in the world.

M had dominated the Indian car market since it was launched in Tata is a good reliable brand in India and now the positioning of Nano as the first car of many people will surely help them in growing their Tata Motors organisation.

Finally now the Nano has been positioned as a cool car to have fun with. The communication and design of the products has led to its wide spread success and Apple becoming one of the most valuable companies in the world. Till, the share of organized retail in India was about 0.

Generally Tata Motors follow the marketing segmentation concept and they have succeeded which already prevails in the history.

Most of the brands do not operate within the same segment. Motorcycles such as Bajaj Pulsar and Hero Honda motorcycles has snatched the attention of the youth and family users.

InTata Motors created a new segment by launching the Tata Ace, India's first indigenously developed mini-truck. As observed from the examples above, a correctly used STP model leads to a sustainable model of success.

While all this lead to instant success, a no STP use also lead to a loss of a major opportunity, which now the PRIL management is frowning upon.

The companyrepresented one of the true success stories in the history of manufacturing, its growth and success reflective of Japans astonishing resurgence following World War II. In vowing middle class customers from all segments, Big Bazaar lost out on the very important segment of upper class customers, which provide the maximum revenue to any business, due to the high premium on high class goods.

Tata tried various moves so that the car appeals to the lower classes, such as displaying them in the super markets and adding hybrid and diesel variants, the Nano continues to upset all sales predictions.

The air intakes on the flanks indicate the position of the engine and is necessary for cooling the engine. Ratan Tata decided to be a part of the project along with Ravi Kant, the Vice Chairman of Tata Motors to ensure the project received senior support.

Marketing Segmentation of Tata Nano in India and Its Targeting and Positioning Strategy.

As mentioned Nano will be the first car people will surely change their car and that might be possibly for another car in Tata Motors itself. With over 4, engineers, scientists and technicians the companys Engineering Research Centre, established inhas enabled pioneering technologies and products.Porter five forces analysis on TATA NANO.

Tata announces pullout of Nano project from West Bengal. Police Log March 3, Sawna Project Ip. Champiro Eco. Marketing Strategies of Tata Nano.

Marketing Mix On Tata Nano. Technical Note Edition Anglaise. Mirrors. STP FOR NANO • Segmentation Variable Used Geographic: rural and urban SWOT analysis of tata nano - The article delves on the fact that Tata nano has failed to achieve its sales figures and carries out a Tata nano swot to find out the reason Price itself was a major strength factor for the mini magical vehicle which created a sensation all over the

Stp of Tata Nano Essay class society. Prior to the liberalization, auto industry in India was controlled and licensed by the government. Currently contributing to around 5% of the GDP, this is expected to rise to 10% of GDP. TATA NANO: Overview TATA Nano is the cheapest car in the world. It is manufactured by TATA Motor Limited.

Revamping Marketing Strategy of TATA Nano Presented By: Kirtan Pandya (32) Flow Of Content: Flow Of Content Initial marketing strategy STP Marketing Mix Brief Marketing strategy Proposed marketing strategy Communication process National level Ahmedabad /Kirtanpandyanano-media-plan.

+ tata ace van 3D models found. Free file download source available in blend max stl. See 3D previews before In JanuaryTata Motors unveiled its People's Car, the Tata Nano, which India and the world have been looking forward to.

The Tata Nano has been subsequently launched, as planned, in India in March Tata Motors launched the Tata Aria, the first Indian four- wheel drive crossover. STP of tata Motors Dipanway Bhabuk.


Stp of tata nano
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