Describe the community you live in

The wifi doesn't have to be super fast, or even regular speed. After his training begins, Jonas's universe widens dramatically.

Are there clear social divisions that mirror the landscape -- all the fancy houses in the hills, all the low-income housing in the flats, for instance?

Why make the effort to understand and describe your community? Are buildings generally in good condition, or are they dirty and run-down? Obviously, only in the first case is the public well served. Colleges and universities, libraries, religious institutions, hospitals -- all of these and many others can occupy important places in the community.

Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations. Whom should you contact to gather information? As time goes on, you'll learn who the always-reliable sources are. Would you characterize the community as poor, working, class, middle class, or affluent?

In general, are commercial areas and buildings attractive and well-maintained? Public and private schools. These groups can fall into a number of categories: Excellent homes, and there is actually quite some free land.

Hospitals and public health services.

How would you describe your ideal city or town?

Finding them should be easy: Gathering information To find out about various aspects of the community, you'll need a number of different methods of gathering information.

Is there substandard housing in the community? Enthusiasts of many sports organize local leagues that hold regular competitions, and that may compete as well with teams from other communities.

Describe your Community

One can ask about certain communities but the perspective offered is varied based on taste, life style and the such. Once you have a description put together, you might want to show it to some of the community members you talked to in the course of exploring the community.

Recent history can afford valuable information about conflicts and factions within the community, important issues, past and current relationships among key people and groups -- many of the factors that can trip up any effort before it starts if you don't know about and address them.

For even more detail, you might compose a portrait in words of the community, using quotes from interviews and stories of community history to bring the description to life. Do rivers, lakes, or other bodies of water appear clean?

Are most buildings accessible to people with disabilities? They cover the spectrum of community life, including: Make an appointment to talk to one or more local government officials.

Some things you might like to know, besides the number of people in the community: Not having the proper background information on your community may not seem like a big deal until you unintentionally find yourself on one side of a bitter divide, or get involved in an issue without knowing about its long and tangled history.

Health and human service organizations. There is an overlap between the community's physical and social characteristics. The age, architecture, and condition of housing and other buildings. Understanding the Community Now let's consider what you might examine to understand and describe the community.

They encompass free or sliding-scale health clinics, family planning programs, mental health centers, food pantries, homeless shelters, teen parent programs, youth outreach organizations, violence prevention programs, etc.

The question of who wields the real power in the community is another that may rarely be answered, or at least not answered in the same way by a majority of community members.I live in West Virginia.

This is a state that is considered safely Democrat, even though it went for the Son of a Bitch in It is my understanding that about three quarters of the registered voters in this state signed up as Democrats. Clue stion 5: Beyond the scope ofthis GameScape.

describe the community you live in and explain how you would apply your new understanding of sustainability to your own community? Target Response Word Count: zen-son words Actual word count: 2?? words | live next to Charleston. Describe the community you live in or even the one you want to, or have already live in.

Good, bad, and the ugly. Mix in your likes and dislikes, HOA's, bitchin sandwich stand, bogus neighbors, whatever. When should you make an effort to understand and describe the community?

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When you're about to launch a community assessment. The first step is to get a clear sense of the community, before more specifically assessing the area(s) you're interested in. When you're new to a community and want to be well informed before beginning your work.

Nov 12,  · Jonas wanted to save Gabe and he wanted to live in a different world where you can make choices and decisions. Also so he can see color AND. Knowing the context of the community so that you can tailor interventions and programs to its norms and culture, and increase your chances of success.

When should you make an effort to understand and describe the community? When you're about to launch a community assessment.

Describe the community you live in
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