Bling h20 ethical concerns

The unique bottle gives consumers a visual way to stand out from others, which is important to their self-image. The benefits from bling are that of social status and class by drinking bling users would be setting themselves apart.

They would be extremely embarrased holding Bling h20 ethical concerns of those, like I am when I carry a plastic bag. Food Australia, 60 5pp. And people talk over Bling H2O bottled water. But whether the bottles had a cool shape or came from an exotic island, Boyd felt that none truly made that defining statement.

Bling H20 Case Study

Most of us have heard about Bling H2O water by now. Opinion leaders may have an influence on consumers, such as Jamie Foxx: Today, these same stores fill entire displays with dozens of different bottled all dolled up in the latest silhouettes and labels.

Why bottled Bling H2O is an eco low

Those that buy the water can now instantly be put in an elite community when they buy the Bling clothing. Price this product in different conditions. Who we are, n. We are squandering our oil resources. Apparently Paris Hilton feeds it to her dog.

Elizabeth Royte, author of Bottlemaniasays no. The product also pushes to improve the perceived self, as it gives a physical way for consumers to stand out and gain status. Bling H2O has been so successful because of the drive of consumers to always be improving their self-image.

In contrary to this people prefer fountain water and filtered water for their daily drinking usage. Consumers like the convenience of bottled water.

Needless to say, anyone who buys this water should have their lips sewn together. More importantly massive campaign was launched in order to ban bottled water in Australia.

Bling H2O Water Marketing Mix Essay

Bling H2O reflects trendy and stylish pattern bottled water. According to Roumeliotis Bling H2O comes under luxury products. The issues of psychological issues regarding status, attitudes, values and lifestyle are all universal between both genders hence Bling H20 would not be gender bias.

Bling H2O Water Marketing Mix Essay

The bottled water industry is comprehensively regulated as a packaged food product by Food Standards Australia New Zealand FSANZ ,there are about 50 different types of Australian domestically bottled water available today, the most common ones are indicated below: It is only there to generate revenue.

This will inform consumers and dental care providers of the levels of fluoride and will allow a decision to be made my consumers regarding consumption of fluoridated versus non-fluoridated drinking water.Ethical issues are a major concern in organizations because they can influence the success or failure of a business.

Ethics is the standards of conduct and moral behavior published this. Bling H20 is complying with its traditional sellers’ rights, which includes: The right to charge any price for the product provided no discrimination exists among similar kinds of buyers. (Kotler et alp.

71) There wouldn’t be such an ethical concern if there were a portion of profits contributed towards good causes or charity.

Bling H2O : Why bottled Bling H2O is an eco low - Assignment Example

Bling H2O And Ethics Bling H20 the worlds’ most expensive bottled water has created great controversy. Originally only for hand selected athletes and actors, the company are now making it more.

Some ethical concerns regarding Bling h2o have been brought up concerning the damage to the environment in producing the glass bottled water (Owen ) and the recyclability of the Bling h2o bottle compared to other plastic bottled water such as Mount Franklins who’s bottles are % recyclable, but the manufacturers assured the public that.

Bling H2O Market Segmentation

Tastes Like Consumerism: The Ethics of Bottled Water. Bling H20 is the most expensive water brand in the world: it comes in a bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals and costs $55 a bottle. (It also comes in plastic bottles for $20 per bottle, reduced from $24 after the GFC.) So, are ethical water companies the way to go?

Elizabeth Royte. Bling H20 was marketed at $55 for Tennessee water in a crystal bottle. Subsequent to the recession Bling H2O is now available in plastic bottles for $20, an indication that the recession has caused a dip in conspicuous consumption.

Bling h20 ethical concerns
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